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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More to Lose

by Seona Dancing
(single release, 1983)

We used to cry
About the days when one of us might fall
Weak and blindly into another's arms

Demands are gained from jealousies
Would flow like water drowning us
But leaving us with just another
Lover's false alarm

And now it's over
Both of us free
But I feel colder

A thousand tortured lives have fallen
Wounded, dying, cut down by the
Questions that we'd sharpened
Just to save our losing days

We thought we'd nothing more to lose
We'd tear our hearts with jagged truths
And everything we'd hung to for so long
Just slipped away

And now it's over
Both of us free
And I feel colder

I was tired of thinking that
Our love could shine your thoughts
Of our arrangements
Were really not like mine

I thought it over
And it was plain to see the love you said
You once needed
Could just not come from me

And now it's over
Both of us free
And I feel colder

And so we're moving to new beginnings
But as we move we look once behind
To see what we might find out
Lost loves and old thoughts of our nights of winnings
That lunge, tear, and grasp
Our thought-wanting minds

Seona Dancing was Ricky Gervais and Bill Macrae.


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